2007 saw the beginning of the rebirth of St Mary’s church and churchyard. The state of the churchyard was concerning to the church’s new next-door neighbours, Graham and May Prior. Initially they were contemplating the enormous task of making the graves – now totally submerged in undergrowth - more accessible - see below.

This prompted a mammoth amount of work. The initial task involved removing ash-tree saplings that had sprung up near the church. The subsequent clearance of a blackthorn thicket gradually revealed the north side, with its hidden graves, followed in time by the remainder.

This opened up the beautiful country churchyard, with its delightful views across the valley of the Tas.

As time went on, local people and visitors, nature-lovers, church-enthusiasts and the ‘just-plain-curious’ came to see and enjoy the snowdrops and daffodils and that adorned what had so recently been a wilderness. This was not just a one-off - it has been continued with working parties over the years. Today, in all seasons the churchyard is an oasis of beauty and tranquility. One area is set aside for conservation with Norfolk Wildlife Trust. See more here

A decade of love, generosity, commitment, skill and hard work, has seen it gradually restored to its former glory as a sacred and holy place. Inspiring people with its beauty, craftsmanship and living history, and its churchyard memorials to Forncett people of the past.

neglected churchyard

neglected churchyard

planting bulds

early morning sun