Welcome to St Mary's Church - a remarkable resurrection story in our time

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A fascinating little church in south Norfolk where we are in touch with history and can enjoy craftsmanship from many periods. A Holy Place, made sacred by over 900 years of prayer and care. Old churches are like people. Each one is unique with its own fascinating character. Each is also the product of a great deal of love and care - with sometimes a few bumps and bruises along the way.

St Mary's is a prize example of the nursing back to health - a remarkable resurrection story in our own time. This would not have happened without the vision, dedication and sheer hard work of Graham and May Prior who moved to live alongside the church in 2007. Fearful of what might happen to a church in neglect, they set out to garnish support for a restoration project that has secured almost £500,000 funding and made St Mary's once again a jewel in the Upper Tas Valley and a versatile asset for the village community.

Thanks to our sponsors

We would like to acknowledge the support we have received from many organisations, principally the National Heritage Lottery Fund. Without this generosity we would not have been able to achieve the very significant progress in restoring the church to become once again an integral part of the life of the church and the local community. (see all our sponsors)

Latest news....Aiming for 'Eco Church' award

St Mary’s has registered for a project called ‘Eco Church’ – its purpose is to help as many churches as possible celebrate what they are doing to care for the environment.
At the moment we have a Bronze Award for Buildings, a Silver Award for Land, Silver for Community and Global Engagement, and Silver for Lifestyle.
The church has met some of the ‘Eco Church’ criteria – leaving a large section of the churchyard for ‘wild’ growing and having trees planted. There is also a bio-toilet, and we are in the process of putting up bat and bird nesting boxes. As we continue to be able to give positive answers to more of the questions, we hope to increase those awards to the next level.

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